The Trustlines

The Trustlines Network ecosystem aims to promote the financial & economic inclusion of all people through decentralized and open source systems. The Trustlines Protocol is being built to support a range of use cases by leveraging existing networks of mutual trust and mapping trust-based relationships onto trustless infrastructure.

Trustlines Protocol

The Trustlines Protocol aims to provide the service of “transfer of value” without actually transferring value. This can be accomplished by leveraging networks of mutual-trust.

The Trustlines Protocol consists of a set of rules, processes, and definitions forged into deployable code. The overall system is based on several interoperating components:

Client Layer
The clientlib is a Javascript-library, which makes it easy to build applications on top of the Trustlines Protocol. It provides a high-level API to enable applications to interact with the smart contract system on the blockchain via the relay servers.

Relay Servers
The Relay Servers are an optional bridge between client apps and the Trustlines blockchain. They offer services that are not feasible to be implemented on-chain or within the client apps. Importantly, Relay servers calculate optimal paths and relay transactions.

Smart Contract System
The smart contract system is a collection of solidity contracts deployed on the Trustlines Blockchain. Transfers within the Trustlines Network are executed by the smart contracts. All trustlines (i.e., credit lines and balances between users) are notarized on the Trustlines Blockchain. Furthermore, the smart contracts enforce the rules determining how trustlines can be created, used, and updated.

Meet the Ecosystem

The Trustlines Network refers to the ecosystem of individuals, projects, and entities aligned on the core idea of Trustlines.

The Trustlines

The Trustlines Foundation is supporting research, development, deployment, governance, and adoption of the Trustlines Protocol, with a focus on acting in a supporting role within the Trustlines Network.


The Trustlines Network is an open-source project with multiple contributors. If you want to contribute to the protocol, check out the developer documentation and GitHub to get started.


Trustlines validators validate blocks on the Trustlines Blockchain. The Trustlines Blockchain is a minimal viable Proof-of-Stake (mPoS) Ethereum sidechain.

Access &
Infrastructure Providers

Relay servers provide easy access to the smart contract systems for mobile phone users. They help locate the paths in the Trustlines Network for transactions.

Currency Projects

Communities will be able to deploy their community currencies on the Trustlines Network.


App developers can use the Trustlines infrastructure out of the box as a base layer to build their apps on top of the Trustlines Protocol. Please see our developer documentation for further details.


We envision a future where anyone will be able to use the Trustlines Network. All that should be needed is a mobile phone and a friend to get on-boarded onto the network.

Use Cases

When the Trustlines Protocol was originally conceived, the first use case considered was that of a decentralized, immutable accounting system for netted IOU balances between trusted parties.

The Trustlines Protocol is, however, now being developed to support a wider range of use cases, i.e., all those which can leverage networks of formal and informal trust-based relationships and want to build on a decentralized system.

The Trustlines Foundation invites contributors to submit their analysis of potential use cases of the Trustlines Protocol.