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The Trustlines Network is the first project to create a universally accessible medium of exchange.

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What is the Trustlines Network?

The Trustlines Network is a community-driven project that empowers people to create their own money and access digital payments. We call it People Powered Money.

To enable People Powered Money, we are building a universally accessible payment system. It allows people to make and receive payments without any intermediaries, lessening the burden of linking a bank account or depositing any money upfront.

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Why People Powered Money?
A financial system built on the idea of People Powered Money is accessible for unbanked people and allows them to make payments.
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Send and Receive Payments
Anyone can create money, make and receive payments, and manage their balance.
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Use time as a currency to track a group’s scope and impact.
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Manage a Community
Designed to bolster local community trade and encourage hyper-local trading circles.
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Withdraw Cash from People
Withdraw cash from any other connected Trustlines users, reducing dependency on ATMs.
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Trustlines is aimed at SDG target 8.10
Strengthen the capacity of domestic financial institutions to encourage and expand access to banking, insurance and financial services for all.
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