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Joining a Trustlines Community

A Trustlines community can begin with just a handful of people.

Grab a couple of friends and get started by creating trustlines with each other.

Want to grow your community?

Use this toolkit to help you get organized.

Looking for Locals?
Check the map to connect with other Trustlines users nearby.
What Can Trustlines Do for your Community?
Strengthen the circular economy and encourage sustainable trade loops
Want to Get Involved?

We are starting a chapter model and would love your help.

Click to learn more about being a Trustlines chapter organizer.

Apply for a Grant

The Trustlines Foundation provides grants to community projects that actively contribute to the Trustlines ecosystem.

Your project should be open source and promote financial and economic inclusion for all.

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Please reach out for more support or if you have any questions.
Trustlines is aimed at SDG target 8.10
Strengthen the capacity of domestic financial institutions to encourage and expand access to banking, insurance and financial services for all.
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